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This story is beyond comprehension. A NH Judge ruled in favor of a Mobile Home Park Eviction of a disabled veteran for conducting unauthorized critical repairs to his mobile home; for taking longer than 30 days to complete those critical repairs, and for the unauthorized temporary storing of construction materials on the site!

Never in a million years could I have even imagined an monumental effort by one man to rehabilitate a structure on the verge of collapse - a mobile home - would be viewed as detrimental to the community and that the curator and president of that park would make his daily business priority to do anything and everything he could to derail, hamper, ridicule, delay, dismiss, and any other word you can think of that lends itself to putting this rehab effort into a bad light and making the veteran out to be some sort of renegade.

After nearly two years of doing everything within my means and physical abilities, and successfully bringing the fully reconstructed exterior of the mobile home to a standard beyond park requirements, and having a lawyer meticulously spell out that the park was charging me with rule violations that were either untrue, misleading, or exaggerated. The Judge seemingly accepted that the parks allegations were true and no consideration to what was actually going on was given.

This story has many twists and turns I could write 20 pages or more but whats done is done, the past is the past, what happens next??? Well, because the mobile home is my property and because I am being evicted, I must dispose of my property by either selling it or moving it, the court has granted me 30 days in which to make this happen. What? 30 days to sell or move my mobile home? A mobile home that who's interior is in rough framing only, not yet habitable, and in the middle of winter? Seriously.

Bottom line: I have until March 3rd, 2017 to dispose of my my mobile home or else I will be forced to forfeit that which I have my net worth tied up in - nearly $50,000 dollars. Putting it for sale did generate interest and it could be sold the way it is but the days are clicking past and it likely won't happen that fast at this time of year. So, that leaves moving it as the alternative to outright forfeiture.
I have located a mobile home park 25 miles to the north who has an available mobile home site and will take me. The cost to move my mobile home to this park is currently $6,100 dollars. This is where I need your help, I don't have that much money on hand. Some friends of mine started one of these online fundraisers for me but it isn't doing that well. I thought this morning I need to reach out to more people. There is an online fundraiser that I am prohibited to mention here but if you contact me I can tell you how to get there or if you are savvy the title to it is 'help-veteran-keep-home".

It is simple to donate for anyone who wants to help.

What is happening to me with this mobile home park should not be happening and I cannot tell you why the proprietor of a business and landlord would stop at nothing to evict a disabled veteran including skillfully with his attorneys convince a Judge in a court of law that I am no good and must go.

I am standing on my head trying to coordinate this effort moving belongings, materials and tools from the site, and a host of tasks must be completed before the building can be moved. But it won't happen without your help. Again please contact me for the link, the title to the fundraiser is "help-veteran-keep-home"

Thank you so much for taking the time here and if you are able to help a million thank you's.

A picture of the rehabilitated exterior of my mobile home is attached.

John Millette
25 Saturn Lane
Nashua, NH 03062
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