Orignal Xbox hard Modded with 2tb drive loaded 1000s of games - $300 (keene)

Original Xbox with a new 2 terabyte Toshiba hard drive

boots directly into XBMC dash (Xbox Media Center)
System was thoroughly cleaned inside and out
entire motherboard cleaned with 99% alcohol
Arctic MX-2 thermal paste on CPU & GPU
fan speed increased for better cooling
DVD drive cleaned, lubed and new belt - DVD drive works
ribbon cable upgraded to a new ASUS 80 pin
high quality SATA adapter(not the junk $4 one)
clock capacitor removed:
(these are known to leak and all they do is save the time/date for a few hours if system is unplugged)
(time/date will auto set if you have the xbox connected to internet - so that further makes the clock cap moot)

comes with:
1 controller
Power Cord
HDMI Converter Cable
(these cables are a great option for modern TVs
but may not be compatible on certain TVs, ive tested it on several TVs
and it worked perfect on all except an older LG)

this cable supports 480p 720p and 1080i
(i recommend leaving 1080i turned off - barely any games support it,
it uses a bunch of ram,slows the system down and in most cases 720P looks as good or better)
all the xbox games capable of 720p will display in 720p
but many xbox games max out at 480p
those claiming they have all the games in 720p are full of crap
that isnt possible without an external upscaler or a TV that upscales.
480p still looks far better than standard def 480i
i do have standard composite cable too (yellow video plug) if you want,
but you lose HD with that and i dont recommend it.

here is what is one it:
740 original Xbox games(and 79 DLC packs too)
just about all US releases minus some sports like madden,ncaa,fifa etc
also a few Japan only releases on it to like Metal Wolf and some Japan Only SHMUPS

CoinOPS Ninja - 9322 games(has latest pack tons of console games atari,coleco,game boy,amstrad,etc)
HyperVision 6 - 306 games
Final Burn Legends - 3885 games
MAME - 1534 games
Nintendo - 1748 games
Super Nintendo - 1144 games
Nintendo 64 - 201 games(this is all the N64 games that work on an xbox- all are pre-configured)
Game Boy Advance - 1120 games
Sega Master - 318 games
Sega Genesis/32x - 998 games
Sega CD - 157 games
Game Gear - 308 games
Turbografx-16 - 219 games
PlayStation 1 - 65 games
(PlayStation emulation is rather iffy on the Xbox - some games work others don't and they take up alot of space
this is why a didn't load alot of them. if PS1 is a big concern i would recommend a modded PS3 instead -
but the modded PS3 cant play Xbox games at all and the Xbox is far better at the retro and arcade stuff)

most games have video previews and boxart on the game select screens - OG Xbox has only art
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